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A practical workshop with Mark McGuinness

The internet and digital media give you a huge opportunity to get your work out there for the world to see – and buy.

Instead of kowtowing to gatekeepers, you can now make a direct connection with your audience, grow your fanbase and reap the rewards.

But many creatives are failing to grasp the opportunity – either by shying away from ‘selling’ or wasting their time on ineffective marketing tactics and social media chit-chat.

Online Marketing for Creative People is a practical workshop that cuts through the confusion and explains how to take a creative approach to marketing that actually brings in customers.

You may not realise it, but your creativity gives you an unfair advantage at online marketing.

Not only that, when you start putting some art into your marketing, and connecting with like-minded people online, it starts to become positively enjoyable.

As a poet who always loathed the idea of marketing, I was very surprised to discover I can market myself effectively using my creative talent.

Online Marketing for Creative People is based on my own experience of creating websites that attract nearly half a million visitors a year and which are my main source of new business as a coach and trainer.

I’ll show you how to capitalize on your creative advantage, and establish an online presence that acts as a magnet for fans, customers and professional opportunities.

“Super workshop. Really thought provoking.

“Your presentation was concise (complex information well summarised) and you included your personal experience, which made it easy to understand.

“And the ideas work. After following some of your suggestions I recently got close to 5,000 people visiting my blog in a month!”

Jacqueline Wagner, Illustrator and Set Designer –

Specialist online marketing training
for creative people

Coloured pixelsThis workshop is designed for independent creative professionals of all kinds – artists, freelancers, designer-makers, micro-entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to attract an audience and earn a living from their creative work.

The principles I teach are equally applicable whether you’re selling physical artworks or products, digital downloads, ebooks on Kindle, consulting services or live events.

The material is tailored to the very specific mindset and needs of creative professionals. So this is an ideal workshop for creative industries support organisations wanting to provide specialist training for small creative enterprises.

“Excellent session. Because it was so well thought-out and structured, Mark packed in plenty of content without overwhelming us. He also showed practically how you could apply techniques to a whole manner of creative businesses from artwork, to crafts and of course – copywriting :-). ”

Amy Harrison, Copywriter –

What you will learn

In this workshop I’ll help you see the wood from the trees when it comes to marketing your creative business online.

I’ll start by exploding some myths about social media and the internet, and explaining the fundamental principles you need to grasp in order to succeed.

I’ll then walk you through the process of differentiating yourself from your competitors, setting your website up to work hard for you, and using your creativity to attract a fanbase and grow your business.

Coloured pixelsTopics include:

  • How to stand out from the crowd online
  • Why authenticity is more effective than advertising
  • Setting your website up to sell
  • Using your creativity to attract an audience
  • Connecting with your ‘tribe’ of like-minded people
  • Turning contacts into visitors and visitors into customers
  • Fitting social media into your creative workflow
“I liked the way you showed how the internet is more about communication rather than technology… which I have always had a fear about. So you made me think how it can be useful. It’s about learning to embrace it as another form of communication.”

Sue King, Glass Designer –

A practical and enjoyable learning experience

The workshop is highly interactive and helps you take a creative approach to your marketing. I’ll show you how to create media content – images, writings, audio and/or video – that will help you attract your ideal customers.

The workshop is delivered in person by me, and features:

  • Inspiring stories and relevant examples
  • How-to instruction
  • Lively group discussions
  • Practical activities and helpful feedback

Coloured pixelsWhen you attend the workshop you will receive access to an 8,000-word summary of Online Marketing for Creative People in the Members’ Area of my website. It includes links to many of the websites and tools I explain in the workshop.

This relieves you of the need to make detailed notes – so you can focus 100% on your experience of the training – listening, asking questions, sharing ideas and practising new skills.

N.b. — This isn’t a detailed technical workshop. I’ll explain the fundamental principles of success online, which apply regardless of what tools you use or how quickly the latest technology changes. The online summary will point you to websites where you can find the technical information you need.

I make sure everyone has plenty of fun during our time together – and that you leave with useful ideas and practical skills you can start applying the very next day at work.

“It was very human. You didn’t assume prior knowledge and there was no marketing-speak at all.”

Alan Howard, TV Producer / Director / Editor –

Mark McGuinness, Creative Business Trainer

Mark McGuinness

I’ve been coaching and training creative professionals since 1996.

If you’re reading this, my online marketing has worked. You have either found me via a search engine, been referred here by someone else, followed a link from a social network — or you may be one of my long-term loyal readers.

Right at this moment, I could be working with clients, writing articles or relaxing with friends — while thousands of people are reading my articles, downloading my ebooks, talking about me on Twitter or Facebook, or linking to my website and sending me potential clients.

At the start of 2006, I was a virtual unknown on the internet. Now, my websites and attract nearly half a million visitors a year.

I’ve published a string of successful ebooks, including Time Management for Creative People which has been downloaded well over 100,000 times. I also have busy networks on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Coloured pixelsAll of which means the web is my biggest source of new business, helping me attract clients including the BBC, Channel 4, The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, TBWA Media Arts Lab, ASOS, Magnum, Econsultancy, The Orchestra of the Age of Englightenment, The British Library Business and IP Centre, The Cultural Industries Development Agency (CIDA), The Arts Council, The Cultural Leadership Programme, Arts & Business, Spread the Word, The University of Warwick, King’s College London, the University of the Arts, London, and the Royal College of Art.

And my online marketing has brought me more than new clients.

It led to me partnering with one of the biggest names in online marketing — Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media — on the launch of

I’ve also extended my business model, from working with clients in-person, to coaching clients on six continents via webcam, and creating two successful e-learning courses: Money for Creative People and The Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap.

None of this happened by accident. It was part of a deliberate strategy to use my website and social media to raise my profile and promote my business.

I should point out that I’m not a programmer, web developer or designer — just a creative person using the web to build my business.

In this practical workshop I will teach you the strategies and tactics I have used to succeed online, and show you how to apply them to your own creative business.

“I can’t recommend Mark enough. His seminars are always engaging, useful and relevant. By the end of every session the seminar room is full of motivated and inspired faces. I can’t wait to work with him again!”

Sian James, Project Manager – Create KX

“Mark gave some excellent food for thought to the wide range of creative freelancers we work with. The seminar ended with the room buzzing even at 8pm at night after a long day’s work.”

Clare Hudson, Creative Industries Manager – Creative Leicestershire

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“Mark created an accessible, engaging and visually interesting session that really brought the subject matter to life. The pitch and delivery were spot on and we’ll definitely be working with Mark again.”

Ellen O’Hara, Head of Business Development, Cockpit Arts


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