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Free Report: How to Become a Creative Entrepreneur

Lateral Action Free Report

EDIT: The report is offline for now. If you’d like to be first to read my new report on creative entrepreneurship (and first to know when the Lateral Action Entrepreneur Roadmap is open for students again), you can sign up for the advance notification list.

If you’re remotely interested in making a living from your creativity, I suggest you download a copy of the free report The Lateral Action Guide to Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur.

Written by Brian Clark, one of my partners at Lateral Action, it tells the story of Brian’s unconventional route to success, via Law, screenwriting, real estate (as they call it in the States) and blogging, to his current position as the founder of a multimillion-dollar online business enterprise.

What makes his story even more remarkable is the fact that he does it all with no venture capital funding, no employees, no office and very little overhead.

If you’re wondering how that’s possible, have a read through the report, where Brian explains his unconventional approach to entrepreneurship.

Crucially, he doesn’t just tell you what worked for him — he lays out the 5 Critical Components of Creative Entrepreneurship, that you can use to build your own creative enterprise:

  • Create (Don’t Compete)
  • Lead (Don’t Manage)
  • Communicate (Don’t be Shy)
  • Automate (Don’t Duplicate)
  • Accelerate (Don’t Stand Still)

Regular readers of Lateral Action will recognise these principles from the latest of our animated cartoon videos, Marla Mentors Jack:

Still from cartoon video


  1. This is great! I’m inspired. I’ve been wondering what you were going to create for this market, and now I don’t have to wait long.
    As always impressed with your work,

  2. Thanks for your info! Very motivated to read the book.

    Start to downloded the e-book…