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Seminar at University of Warwick: ‘Management of Culture / Culture of Management’

Dr Chris Bilton at the University of Warwick has sent me details of a seminar at the Warwick Business School on 28th June, on the theme of Management of Culture / Culture of Management.

“The seminar will examine the emergence of distinctive approaches to leadership and management in the cultural sector. At a time when the [tag]cultural industries[/tag] are subject to managerial orthodoxies and ‘best practice’ imported from other sectors, this seminar sets out to recapture distinctive traditions of cultural leadership, creative management and [tag]cultural entrepreneurship[/tag] and argues that the [tag]management of culture[/tag] depends upon a distinctive and autonomous culture of [tag]management[/tag].

Speakers will be Chris Bilton (CCPS, University of Warwick), Giep Hagoort (HKU Amsterdam), Nicola Jennings and Sara Selwood (City University) Paola Merli (De Montfort University), Erich Poettschacher (Instinct Domain, Vienna), David Wilson (Warwick Business School).”

As a part-time student on the MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at Warwick, I know Chris will have interesting and useful things to say. I’m also looking forward to hearing the other speakers, particularly Eric Poettschacher, who is doing some very interesting research on the Creative Industries in Vienna.

And the really good news is that the seminar is free! Details available here. The lecture is part of the Cultural Industries Seminar Network.


  1. I’ve just published a podcast with Chris on this subject at http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/audio/?podcastItem=creativity.mp3

    As you point out, Chris does have interesting and useful things to say.

  2. Thanks Tom, listening to it now…


  1. […] At the Warwick seminar on Wednesday I met Eric Pöetschacher, who introduced me to his Shapeshifters network for creative professionals worldwide: shapeshifters is made for professional creatives (single entrepreneurs, microbusinesses, firms) from all around the world. […]