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If you’d like to inject some inspiration and momentum into your creative career, feel free to enrol on my new course: The Creative Pathfinder.

It’s a 25-week programme designed to equip you with the creative and professional skills you need to succeed in your chosen career path – whether you’re an employee, freelancer or creative entrepreneur.

Things you’ll learn include:

  • why following your heart makes sound business sense
  • the four most powerful types of creative thinking
  • how to handle a creative block – when you’re supposed to be the creative pro
  • why opportunities just land in some people’s lap (and how you can be one of them)
  • the most effective ways to make a living from your creativity
  • why having a resume could handicap your career
  • how to turn your website into a magnet for new business and career opportunities
  • the weird and profitable properties of intellectual property
  • how to sell without selling out
  • what to do with all the money you earn
  • why other people seem so weird – and what to do about it
  • how to succeed in the face of overwhelming odds

Every week, you’ll receive a new lesson via e-mail, containing:

  • An article explaining the what, why and how of the topic
  • A practical worksheet for you to download and complete
  • Links to additional resources (articles, books, e-books etc — most of which are free)

And it won’t cost you a penny. Sign-up on the enrolment page and you will receive the entire course of 25 lessons for free.

Since I launched The Creative Pathfinder on Lateral Action last week, over 1,200 students have signed up. It would be great if you could join us on the journey

Guest Articles for The 99% and MyCake

I’ve recently written a couple of guest articles on other blogs that you might enjoy.

RSS Creativity – Routines, Systems, Spontaneity

Venn diagram: Routines, Systems, Spontaneity

A summary of my recent thinking about how to manage creative workflow without stifling your inspiration.

The 99% is an online magazine for creative professsionals – if you like Wishful Thinking you should feel very much at home. The 99% is produced by Behance, the company behind the Behance Network – a great place for creatives to network and showcase their work. (Here’s my Behance profile if you want to connect over there.)

Four Questions You Must Ask Before Starting Any Creative Project

4 Leafed Clover

Image by kaibara

A look at the different types of motivation – financial and otherwise – creative people have for taking on a new project. Clarifying your motivations and checking others’ expectations before you start a project can save you an awful lot of misery later on.

The MyCake blog is full of financial advice tailored to the needs of creative professionals. Sarah Thelwall and her team understand that book-keeping is probably not your favourite activity, and offer tools and guidance for sugaring the pill of updating your accounts and managing your finances.

The Unlimited Freelancer — a Guide to the Business of Freelancing

The Unlimited Freelancer

This is a review of the new e-book The Unlimited Freelancer by Mason Hipp and James Chartrand.

If you’re a freelancer feeling overwhelmed by your workload (or even worse, your lack of workload), this e-book offers solid advice to help you reduce your working hours and stress levels, and increase your income and job satisfaction.

I first came across James Chartrand’s writing via his excellent articles on Copyblogger, and was pleased to discover more stylish and practical advice on his Men with Pens site. He’s known as one of the foremost voices on the Internet on the subject of sales copywriting, and has built a successful business on the back of his expertise. I’ve also been getting to know him via Twitter and e-mail and have found him a thoroughly decent chap. So when he asked if I’d be interested in reviewing his new e-book and acting as an affiliate partner, I said I’d love to see it.

Mason Hipp was a new name to me, but a little investigation revealed he’s one of the editors of the popular blog Freelancer Folder, which looks a great resource.

Having now read the book, I’d say it’s an excellent introduction to essential business skills for the 21st-century freelancer. If you’re in the same position as many other freelancers — being ‘really good at what you do’ but struggling to make a living without working seven days a week — it’s well worth the investment of time (an afternoon’s reading) and money ($29).

James and Mason haven’t written the e-book explicitly for creative professionals, but I believe the advice they offer is particularly relevant to freelancers working in creative or artistic fields. Here’s why. [Read more…]