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Great Network for Creative Professionals: Shapeshifters

At the Warwick seminar on Wednesday I met Eric Pöttschacher, who introduced me to his Shapeshifters network for creative professionals worldwide:


shapeshifters is made for professional creatives (single entrepreneurs, microbusinesses, firms) from all around the world.

shapeshifters is a new kind of working tool for transnational trade and exchange between small creative businesses. independent entrepreneurs in the creative sector connect with like-minds on other continents in order to develop and promote their products and services on a peer group level.

a viennese graphic designer wants to collaborate with a mexican sign maker; a boston architect is looking for a weaver of custom-made runners; young south african fashion designers aspire to show their work in milan: this is what shapeshifters is all about.

The network looks to be very well moderated, with a high standard of contributions from some very interesting people and projects. Looking down the front page right now, there are posts about Cape Town fashion week, Nikon support in Tanzania, a new device from Brazil for recycling thermic energy in the bathroom, inspirations for scriptwriting and a request for freelance web developers.

The service is completely free, and looks ideal for creative entrepreneurs, artists and freelance creatives. I’ve joined – hope to see you there.

Thanks Eric – nice orange logo too 😉


  1. Quentin says:

    I was thinking about setting up something like this. Looks like someone got there before me. Just goes to show… something or other.


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