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Officially Successful and Outstanding

I’ve been reading Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog for a while, and have discovered some really good blogs via her Successful and Outstanding Blogs Hall of Fame – so I’m delighted to see she’s just added Wishful Thinking to the Hall of Fame. Thanks Liz!


If you don’t already read Liz’s blog you should have a look at it – lots of good stuff for creative types and entrepreneurs, and she’s very good at responding to comments, so I’m sure she’ll give you a warm welcome.


  1. Hey Mark,
    I’m just so glad that you found Successful Blog when you did. You’re such a welcome addition to the conversations we have, pushing ideas forward and adding insights that are refreshing and fun to think about.

    Congratulations. Now people like you can come over to Successful Blog and discover wishful thinking. They’ll be even more delighted than you’ve been.

  2. Thanks Liz – you’re always welcome over here too.