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Interview with Neil Youngson, Technical Director, Cabinet UK Ltd

Research ProjectHere’s the latest interview for my research project on Perceptions of Coaching in the UK Creative Industries. Neil Youngson is Technical Director of Cabinet UK Ltd, a small London-based creative digital agency providing clients with comprehensive interactive solutions. Projects are varied, examples being on-line stores for the V&A Museum and Hidden Art, a global brand extranet for Orange, and a photo kiosk solution for cruise ships.Neil.jpg

In addition to bespoke solutions Cabinet has created a suite of hosted software applications called PictureCabinet, which is a system for managing image collections and generating revenues through on-line image licensing and print sales. PictureCabinet is used by a number of cultural institutions such as the V&A Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of London, the National Theatre, and the National Museum of Photography Film and Television. Not all the hosted collections are from such traditional institutions though, the expanding list of clients includes Hed Kandi, Poker Images, Buyagift, and Chelsea Blues in black and white – a collection Neil disapproves of being an Arsenal fan! View some of these projects at Memory Prints.

Cabinet is a small company employing 12 staff from 6 different countries. The role of the directors is very much hands-on in terms of running projects, dealing with clients, and providing creative and technical input.


Neil describes the experience of working as part of a small team of highly-skilled workers, in which the culture of collaboration and mutual learning enables the directors to manage with a light touch.

Click the ‘AUDIO MP3’ icon below to hear the interview.

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