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Creative Review Starts Blogging

Creative Review blogCreative Review has launched a blog to complement its print and digital editions. In the March 2006 Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne wrote a thoughtful feature about “the role of the blog in the creative community”. In it he said:

you might expect this inky-fingered representative of the ancient regime to disparage the blog. But I’m a fan. I recognise that blogs offer important new opportunities for the creative community and that they do certain things better than print can. I also recognise that we can help each other.

I think he’s right to suggest that blogging and traditional media can be both/and instead of either/or. E.g. a poetry blog can be a great place to talk about poetry, and someone like Robert Bruce does a great job of presenting poetry in an engaging way, but when I look at most of what comes out of the Technorati ‘poetry’ feed, it makes me appreciate the quality of a magazine like Magma even more.

As you’d expect, the Creative Review blog is very easy on the eye. It’s a bit early to judge the content, but the first few posts include some cool videos and an e-book link that looks so useful for aspiring graphic designers that I’ll devote a separate post to it. My only small gripe is having to register to leave a comment – surely they haven’t been spammed into submission already?

Overall then, a promising start and a welcome addition to the creative conversation. s


  1. Thanks for the nod Mark.

    I welcome every “inky-fingered representative of the ancient regime” into this place with open arms. It can only make things better…

    Just subscribed to CR.

  2. My pleasure Robert. Well I think most poets are comfortable with ink and paper, I’m certainly not going to give up my books without a fight 🙂 I singled you out because you’re doing great stuff taking poetry into new media – keep the vids coming…