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Showcase Your Creativity at the Squidoo Creativity Group

I’ve just set up a Creativity Group on Squidoo, to connect creative people and share ideas and inspiration. This is your invitation to join in – by making a Squidoo lens (free web page) about your creative work, your company, your favourite creative artist/thinker, or any other aspect of creativity that interests you.

Squidoo is the latest venture from marketing guru Seth Godin. Based on the idea that ‘everyone’s an expert on something’, the Squidoo site gives you a quick, easy and free way to create web pages about your interests and enthusiasms, and connect with like-minded people. Typical lenses include text and images, links to books and websites relating to the topic, quick surveys and blog feeds. Here’s one I made earlier, about Writing Poetry, and this is my lens about Coaching Creative Professionals. Download the Everyone’s an Expert e-book for the principles behind Squidoo.

Jellyfish Creation

A Squidoo Group is a collection of lenses on a common topic, with a group host who is responsible for maintaining it. For example I’m hosting the Creativity Group, ‘Boredofeducation’ is hosting the Squidoo Book Club, Seth Godin has a Business Books Group, and so on.

Why would you want to make a lens and join the Creativity Group?

  • To connect with other creative people and share ideas
  • To show/share your knowledge about a particular aspect of creativity
  • To promote your business or raise your profile
  • To link to your website and receive more visitors
  • You could even earn some money, for yourself or charity…

Lenses earn money from advertising and product sales (e.g. if you link to products on Amazon or eBay). But I should warn you payouts are typically miniscule so far, so I wouldn’t plan on retiring just yet. Squidoo is still a young company, so that might change – but for now I’m sticking with the intrinsic motivation – i.e. it’s great fun.

How do you make a lens?

Click on this invitation and follow the instructions to create your lens and join the group. You might also find the Squidoo FAQ helpful, and there’s a useful forum for users at www.squidu.com.

Happy creating! And if you like it, please invite your friends: more minds = more creativity.


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