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New Feature: Books + Links for Creative Professionals

Books + LinksKeen observers of this blog’s sidebar will have noticed a new section appearing under the ‘Categories’ over the past few days: Books + Links for Creative Professionals. I got the idea when I realised I was writing similar e-mails to coaching clients over and over again, recommending the same books, websites and other resources. So rather than keep reinventing the wheel each time, I thought I’d gather the recommendations in one place for easy reference.

I’ve started the series with pages on Creativity and Intellectual Property. There are plenty more pages in the pipeline, on topics ranging from the imaginative and esoteric to the practical and financial aspects of working as an artist or running a creative business.

Everything I recommend will be things I’ve used myself or that my clients have told me has been useful to them. I hope you find something to help you in your creative work, and would love to hear your feedback about any of the recommendations.

Please let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover in future Books + Links pages, or a resource you think other readers would find useful.


  1. Hi Mark,

    I’m honored and flattered that you’ve selected several of my creative thinking books and tools to be be part of your recommended collection. Many thanks.

    Good luck in your creative endeavors,

    Roger von Oech

  2. My pleasure Roger, thanks for the inspiration.