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New Look, Bits and Pieces

Spiral StareThe old sidebar was getting a bit congested so I’ve expanded into three columns – hope you like the new look. Thanks to Megat for the theme.

In other news, I’ve added a Books + Links page about Creative Careers, and here’s a gentle reminder that I’ll be part of a three-editor Magma team speaking at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival tomorrow, about how we edit the magazine.

I ventured out to Russell’s coffee morning recently – very enjoyable and I can confirm that they let in non-planning types. I still find it slightly surreal meeting ‘people from blogging’ for the first time, there’s a slight feeling of weightlessness, as if we’ve just been teleported down. Plus I couldn’t put the blogs to the faces until I followed the links on Russell’s post (check them out) – I was almost going to type ‘so you don’t know who they are until afterwards’ – but if course it’s the other way round, isn’t it?


  1. Hey Mark.

    Am glad you like the theme.

    You write beautiful.

    Who is Isobel in Astonishment?

    Cheers! God bless.

  2. Thanks Megat, Isobel is my Goddaughter, I wrote the poem after the first time I met her.

  3. Nice sidebar. Nice color, nice balance. How big is each of the images? Teensy? I’m in the middle of putting my books (Amazon covers) on a sidebar, but they don’t always load (size restraint?). Do you have any problems like that?

    Good stuff, your side bar.


  4. Thanks Roger. The sidebar images are 160 x 80 pixels, I’ve not had any problems with them so far (fingers crossed). I see you’re using Amazon links in your sidebar – they look fine from here, are you still having problems?

    Amazon links can be a bit tricky sometimes, I think they switched from hosting the images themselves to getting us to load them onto our servers – I sometimes have to tweak the image link in their code to point to the folder I use for images.