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Creativity Group at No.5 on Squidoo

Squidoo Creativity GroupThe Creativity Group is currently at No.5 in the Squidoo Top 100 ‘Movers and Shakers’ – so thanks to all everyone who’s been doing the moving and shaking with their creativity lenses.

We’re now up to 29 lenses – recent new members include Needham Fatica Ad Agency from Key West, Florida, Busto Graphic Design from Copenhagen, Plasmic Studio from New Jersey and Nela Dunato with her wonderfully macabre artwork from Croatia.

Adam Graveley has added a lens about his e-book for aspiring graphic designers, 23Squidoo points us to some useful creativity links in Creativity for Life, and the Weird and Wonderful section is bristling with artwork and art materials made out of weeds, courtesy of Alienweeds: The Invasive Plant Harvest.

Voting is underway in the poll – ‘Creativity: Inspiration or Perspiration?’. The hard-working advocates of Perspiration are edging it at the moment, although there has been a swing towards Inspiration over the past few days.

Visit the Group to cast your vote and browse through the lenses. And feel free to make your own lens, about your company, creative work or any other aspect of creativity.

More info my original Creativity Group post and the Squidoo FAQ.


  1. Thanks to the creativity group for a little of my inspiration, too. GD.

  2. Our pleasure Geoff, glad to help.