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Books + Links: Blogging for Creative Professionals

KeyboardI’ve been sending out lots of e-mails listing basic blogging tools for creatives and companies who want to set up their own blog, so I’ve put these together on a single page about Blogging for Creative Professionals.

There’s more to go up when I get a minute, but so far it gives you a basic introduction to blogging, what it can do for you as a creative company or freelancer, and some of the tools and technology that are available. I’ll be updating it with more information so keep an eye on it if you’re thinking about getting into blogging – it’s with the other Books + Links pages in the left sidebar.


  1. You’ve got all the bases covered, Mark (does that idiom work in the UK?). Nice job!


  2. Thanks Roger. We talk about covering the bases over here, but I don’t think most of us know what it means. Is it something to do with baseball?

  3. Mark,

    I second Roger’s remark, and it does refer to making sure you have a defender at every base, ready to receive a throw from whoever has the ball. I’d be interested to know if there’s a cricket analog.


  4. Mike, I’m not much of a cricketer myself, so you’ve bowled me a bit of a googly with your question. I think I’ll just have to play it with a straight bat and say there probably is a good cricket analog, but I’m not sure exactly what it is – otherwise, I could find myself on a very sticky wicket.

    In short, you’ve got me stumped.

    Thanks for stopping by – I like your contrarian blog. I never knew Machiavelli was such a fruitcake, he’s gone up in my estimation.

  5. Mark,

    “bowled me a bit of a googly” is new to me; I’ll have to drop it in casual conversation with my UK associates one of these days.

    It turns out the Machiavelli the man was quite different from what you’d imagine the author of “The Prince” was like, but most contemporaries assumed he was a depraved monster. I suppose there’s a cautionary tale in there for people who might try to ingratiate themselves to folks like the Borgia family…

    Have a great weekend,


  6. Googly – would like to see the look on their faces when you drop that into the conversation.

    Ah yes, maybe Machiavelli could have chosen his friends more wisely. And his detractors – he got a bad press from Shakespeare as “the murderous Machiavel” If someone goes to the trouble of slating me, I hope they don’t do it so memorably!

    Enjoy your weekend.