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Wishful Thinking is B.A.D.

Thanks to Liz Strauss at Successful Blog for a very enjoyable chat on the phone yesterday and for featuring me in her Blogger A Day (B.A.D.) series.

Picking up from our blogging conversations, it was great fun swapping stories and ideas with Liz, about creativity, coaching and writing. I’m really impressed with the summary she’s written about my work – and I’m particularly pleased she picked up on the links between my blogging and poetry.

If you’ve not seen Successful Blog yet, you really should. Different bloggers have different strengths – with Liz, as well as producing a constant stream of thought-provoking content, she’s got a phenomenal ability to build a sense of community around her blog. Stopping by her comments section is like popping into a cafe in the middle of a lively discussion. And no matter how many people are there, she’ll remember who you are and give you a warm welcome.


  1. Liz is a trip. She always has time for a comment or a suggestion! Very generous! And she does wonders for your traffic!