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‘Imagine: The World Wide Web’, BBC2 10.35pm Tonight!

One of the most popular posts on Wishful Thinking is The Ingenious Thomas Heatherwick, prompted by Alan Yentob’s Imagine documentary about the multi-talented designer. There’s another Imagine on tonight, about the World Wide Web, featuring interviews with Tim Berners-Lee, various bloggers and contributors to Wikipedia and the Arctic Monkeys messageboard. If it’s half as good as the Heatherwick programme it’ll be well worth staying up for…


  1. […] Apologies to those of you who, like me, spent the first 5 minutes of Imagine: The World Wide Web on Tuesday night watching something else on BBC2 instead of BBC1. When I woke up and switched over I enjoyed the programme, although it didn’t come anywhere near the heights of The Ingenious Thomas Heatherwick. I think this was partly down to the familiarity of the subject matter – I already knew about most of the things it covered – blogging, YouTube, social media etc., whereas Heatherwick’s imagination was like something freshly landed from outer space. But if you haven’t spent much time on the internet recently it was probably a good general introduction to what’s going on the web at the moment. […]