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‘Uploading Innovation’ event – London 27 February

Steve Moore at Policy Unplugged has let me know about an event called Uploading Innovation hosted by NESTA in London on 27 February.

The Uploading…Innovation conference has been convened to help us to learn from those people who have been at the forefront of the development of new participatory ways of working, those who have harnessed the network effects of emerging technologies of collaboration to create new business models, new products and services, to bring about culture change within organisations and disruptive innovation to their sectors.

The organisers are looking to bring together “people from a range of backgrounds including social software developers, bloggers, Web 2.0 start ups, people working within private, public and not for profit organisations, communication professionals, writers and journalists”. If that sounds like you and you’re interested in the topic, there are a few places left, at no charge.

I’ll be there – send me an e-mail if you’re going and want to meet up.