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Introducing: Business of Design Online

Here’s a new site that should be of interest to any creative professional looking to balance creative enthusiasm with business know-how: Business of Design Online. Created by Cat Wentworth of Designers Who Blog fame and her colleagues Neil Tortorella and Jay Wickham, it looks set to be a fabulous resource.
Here’s the lowdown:

BoDo blogs about the business of design including: starting your own design business (online or off); marketing; dealing with clients; working with printers, photographers, copywriters and other surrounding industries; pretty much anything to help a design business grow.

I’m delighted to say I will be a visiting author on the site, writing about creative coaching and the ‘people dimension’ of running a design business. If you look at the range and level of expertise amongst the other visiting authors, you’ll see why I’m so pleased to be included in their number.

BoDo is a brilliant idea – given the range of skills that are required to run a design studio or freelance design practice (or come to think of it, any creative enterprise), it makes perfect sense to gather together a set of resources and authors who are focused on helping designers deal with the business of design and get on with the business of designing.

But a brilliant idea is nothing without execution – I know Cat and the team have put a huge amount of work into the project over the past few months, which is why I’m so pleased to see it up and running this morning, and eager to recommend it to you.

Have a look for yourself – don’t worry if you’re not a designer, I’m not and I’m sure I’ll learn plenty from the site.

See you there…