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Neil Tortorella Talks About ‘Business of Design Online’

Chris Ritke at 49 Sparks has recorded an interesting interview with Neil Tortorella, one of the founders of Business of Design Online. Neil talks about how the idea evolved for a site dedicated to helping designers master the business of running a design studio, as well as the people involved and plans for the site’s future.

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As a guest author on BoDo I’m pleased to hear about the buzz being generated by the site, and Chris and Neil do a great job of outlining what it’s all about. BoDo and the interview are worth checking out even if you’re not a designer – the business skills they cover are relevant to most creative professionals.


  1. The BoDo project is sure to be a winner. I know they’ve been putting a lot of work into it over the past year.

  2. Hi David, your blog looks terrific – great advert for your design skills!