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Ask Me About Creativity – Monday 12 March 3pm GMT (10am CDT) on ‘Successful Blog’

I’m doing a live Q&A session about Creativity tomorrow on Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog – 3pm UK time, which I believe is 10am in that part of the States. I’ll start by posting a 5-point ‘Creativity Manifesto’ after which you’re free to wade in with questions and comments, and I’ll be responding in the comment section.

SOBCon07 logoIt’s billed as a Virtual Conference and a trailer for the SOBCon event in May, and Liz has lined up a marathon show with 13 ‘virtual speakers’ throughout the day. David Armano is the headline act (1am GMT, 8pm CDT) and there are lots of great bloggers appearing throughout the day, so I’m pleased to be on the bill.

Hats off to Liz for hosting the event – her attention to detail can be seen in the fact that she’s possibly the only blogger on the planet I can 100% trust to spell my name right without prompting!

It should be a lot of fun – hope to see you there…


  1. I’ll try to stop by. (How do you deal with hecklers?) : — )

  2. Hi Roger, would be great to see you. If all the hecklers are as clever as you I’m doomed… 🙂


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