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Business Coaching – An Introduction

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The Business Coaching series is now available to download as a free ebook Creative Management for Creative Teams.

As a business coach, one of the questions I get asked most often is “So what exactly do you do?”. My research project has also highlighted the fact that coaching is not really ‘on the radar’ for managers in many organisations.

So this is the start of a series introducing business coaching – what it is, who does it and how it works.

The articles will cover different types of coaching, essential coaching skills and how coaching differs from (and can complement) training, mentoring and counselling.

I’ll be placing particular emphasis on the role of the manager-coach, using coaching skills to help team members raise their performance and learn on the job. This is an often overlooked role, since many people associate coaching solely with an external business coach (like me). So I’ll look at coaching and leadership – and how coaching complements other leadership styles.

I’ll show how an external business coach can complement a manager’s day-to-day interaction with her team, by offering an outside perspective and specialist skills or knowledge.

I’ll also explain why coaching skills are particularly useful for fostering individual, team and organisational creativity. This is clearly a priority in creative industries companies such as advertising agencies, design studios, computer games developers or broadcasters – but the rise of the creative economy means more and more organisations are finding creativity is critical to their success.

If you’re a manager looking to improve your coaching skills, or if you’re considering working with a business coach, these articles will introduce you to the principles and practice of this very effective and rewarding approach to performance improvement and professional development.

You can read the articles in order here on the blog, or download the whole collection as a free business coaching ebook – which you’re welcome to share with your colleagues and contacts.


  1. I have been coached by a ‘Business Coach” and he increased my income by more than 25%. I’m in the financial servises industry.

  2. Great article, now I’m going to read through the other 9 and hopefully learn as much as I did on this one 🙂


  3. Good stuff! – I have glanced through some of your articles on business coaching and they taught me a lot already. Well written indeed.

    Business-Ben’s last blog post..Ways To Send Subscribers To Your Online Business

  4. Thanks Ben, glad you found them useful.

  5. Solo Obi says:

    i have been looking up for clearer ideas about Business coaching skills for some days now, …….. stumbled on this site, and having read some of the articles already, i am convinced you did a beautiful work. thank you


  1. […] Mark provides plenty of ammo for those seeking to advocate for coaching’s unique performance enhancing features in industries where continuous innovation is a must.  The e-book is a compilation and revision of Mark’s blog series on business coaching. […]