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Creativity Q&As Online at Successful Blog

Thanks to Liz at Successful Blog for inviting me to do a Q&A Session on Creativity this afternoon. It was great fun – you can read the questions and my responses in the comments over there.

The virtual conference is still going on Successful Blog – here’s the full lineup (all times CDT, which is 5 hours behind GMT):

8:00 AM – Robyn McMaster on Laughter and Mistakes
9:00 AM – Sandra Renshaw on Graphics
10:00 AM – Mark McGuinness on Creativity
11:00 AM – Joe Hauckes on Navigation
12:00 PM- Rodney Rumford on Videoblogging
1:00 PM – Chris Garrett on Blogger Blunders
2:00 PM – Ellen Weber on Sleep and Music
3:00 PM – Wendy Piersall on Blogging Beyond the Blogosphere,
4:00 PM – Mike Wagner on Branding
5:00 PM – Terry Starbucker on What to Look for
6:00 PM – Chris Cree on Business Blogging
7:00 PM – Phil Gerbyshak on Being a Relationship Geek
8:00 PM – David Armano on the 4 Cs of Blogging


  1. Hi Mark,

    Really sorry I couldn’t make it – I was out of the office. I am as we speak chatting in the Chris Cree session.



  2. No worries, hope you enjoyed Chris’ session!