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likemind – Meet Creative People in Your City

I had a double helping of coffee recently, when I arrived early for Russell’s coffee morning so I could see what likemind was all about. What I found was a very welcoming group at the back of The Breakfast Club, hosted by Amanda and Piers of psfk fame. They had even arranged for the nice people at Anomaly to treat me to a coffee and bacon sandwich.

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Although the group were chatting away like old friends it turned out that most of them hadn’t met before – they worked in different companies, in different creative disciplines and across different countries and continents. They included Simon of Londondenim, who designs jeans in London, has them made in Japan and sells them in Harrods; Rachel Lasebikan who set up Mojisola to develop African fashions with sustainable business practice; Martin MALii-Karlsson, a media producer from Sweden; Helen Taylor from the research agency Spinach; Alastair Robertson from Imagination; Tomas Mrkvicka from Ogilvy Prague; and the charming Charles Frith, a planner and professional blog commenter who I’m trying to entice into commenting on this post.

Talking to people with such an eclectic mix of creative talents made for a very enjoyable morning – the kind that really brings home the opportunities that all this blogging and social media are opening up. In one way it seemed the most natural thing in the world, in another it was all slightly surreal – I often think meeting people via online networks is a bit like being teleported down from the Enterprise. If I hadn’t started writing this blog I’d never have met these people. Making new offline connections has been probably the single most valuable thing I’ve got out of writing Wishful Thinking, something it’s hard to explain to the (many) blog sceptics I know.

If meeting up with other creative people sounds like your idea of fun, have a look at the likemind site to see if there’s an event in your city – they seem to be taking over the world, so hopefully there will be one near you before long. Hat-tip to Noah, another of the instigators of likemind.

If you’re in London, make sure you bookmark Russell Davies’ blog and keep an eye on the top left corner, where he announces the dates of his coffee mornings, where you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome and interesting conversations. I’m living proof that it’s not just advertising people. Scroll down a bit and he lists coffee mornings as far afield as Jakarta, Sydney and Toronto.

PS – I’ve added a ‘Creative Networks’ section on the right sidebar, just under the blogroll, with likemind and the coffee mornings, plus the excellent shapeshifters, which I’ve featured before.


  1. Thanks for the writeup, Mark, that’s great. So glad you enjoyed it.

    I also quite like the name ‘creative networks’. Though we haven’t really tapped in to the global power, maybe one day we’ll figure out how and we’ll all take over the world. 🙂

  2. Hi Mark.Well who could turn down an invitation to comment like that. Certainly not me. I like your teleport description for real life meetings of the online community. I don’t think there’s a more fun way of meeting people for the first time that we might know a little about beforehand. The expectation is a little nervous, the reality a little surreal and the relief is one of ‘wow, this technology really works’. Look forward to the next time for sure 🙂

  3. Noah – glad you liked it.

    Charles – glad you took the bait! See you soon.

  4. I’ve just found your site and I am looking forward to digesting your ideas…I am a musician and writer.. and am in a new and flourishing creative phase of my musical and writing life… My business is called Unlock the Music and, without being soppy, I experience the “unlocking effect of the arts” first hand as a singing teacher. That is my bread and butter…I also offer life coaching for musicians…not many takers in the Midlands for that though!
    Personally, I am excited in the idea of creative networking…It is difficult to find the time to develop new links..It is very easy to stay with the same creative links and miss out on innovation and chances to be sparked off by others..coming in from different angles….glad to have found this…

  5. Thanks Lizzie, sounds like you’ve got a similar mix of coaching and the arts as me. If you’re in the midlands you might like to check out Antonio Gould’s blog: http://antoniogould.com/

  6. Tammy Englehart says:

    Hello! I’m Tammy, and I am new to this website. I stumbled upon it by typing “creative people” into my search engine hoping to connect with others who think as I do. I am looking forward to the adventure!
    I do wonder if anyone will share with me if they live with ADD/ADHA. I do (ADD with a little H I was told).
    I have often heard/read that folks with ADD are “”Creative Geniuses” and jvice verse.


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