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Creative Links 24.5.07

Looks like I gave the Creative Links feature the kiss of death back in February when I rashly promised to do it every week. Sorry about that – one of the pitfalls of enthusiasm. I’ll start doing it again as an occasional feature and see how it goes – hopefully a natural rhythm will emerge…

Dan Brodnitz is compiling a terrific series of interviews with artists at Conversations about Creativity. Interviewees so far include a painter (James Warren Perry), a poet (Bob Holman), a dancer (Natalie Marrone), a musician (John Coulton) and the inimitable Ze Frank. Under the heading ‘Working artists share what works’, the interviews provide fascinating insights into the creative process. I particularly like the way Dan seems to be deliberately covering a wide range of creative disciplines, so that the common themes (and differences) can emerge. If you like Wishful Thinking, you’ll love these.

I enthused about Darren Rowse’s Problogger in my piece about blogging for creatives – he’s recently written a good series on creativity, including 5 Ways to Enhance Your Creativity, How to Be a More Creative Blogger, and 9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People.

One site I should have included in my list of good blogs by creatives is David Airey’s Creative Design – a superb example of how to market yourself as a freelance creative, and full of good advice for creating and improving your blog. Unsurprisingly, it also looks great.

Spread the Word have alerted me to their upcoming course Urban Bloggers – run by poet Karen McCarthy it aims “to improve your writing across all media by using the blog as an interactive space to enrich the creative process”. With the emphasis on creative writing, it looks like a refreshing alternative to blogging as a business tool. I’ve heard good things about Spread the Word from other sources and it looks like they have a great range of writing courses lined up for the summer.

Deb Khan is on a roll at Creative Inspiration, with some good stuff about creativity and culture. I feel at home on a blog that has no qualms about mixing football and opera. And even the great Seth has paid a visit, showing he’s not completely allergic to comments. Deb is just as charming in person and she’s doing some really interesting work around creativity.

That’s all for this ‘week’. If you’re hungry for more creativity links you can always subscribe to my del.icio.us creativity bookmarks


  1. Generous with your resources and your comments as ever. Thank you Mark.
    Darren’s post prompted a list from me connected on creativity and leadership.

    Opera and football- I am having vague, weird flashbacks to a Ben Elton musical “The Beautiful Game” is my recall. Football, opera, culture, No-one has ever described me as dull. Many other things obviously…

  2. Thank you Mark!

    What a nice surprise to find your kind words!

    I’m glad you you find my blog to be worthy of a mention. Keep up the great writing yourself!

    Now I’m off to check out your other resources from the article.

  3. One more thing. I have Jarvis Cocker, Leeds City Varieties, Opera, football and Seth Godin all mixed in. I am definitely all over the place.

  4. Deb – impressive, but I’ve got Call of Cthulhu and washing the dishes…

    David – My pleasure, great to see what you’re doing with your blog.