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Win a Ball of Whacks – 2 Days Left!

There’s a Ball of Whacks created by Roger von Oech up for grabs on Wishful Thinking this week. To enter the draw you just need to add a comment on my Ball of Whacks post about the effect of the physical world on your creativity. I’ll choose the winner at random and send the ball out next week. There are only 2 entries so far so the odds are looking pretty good… Comments by high noon on Saturday please.

Edit: we now have a winner.

The Ball of Whacks


  1. I feel inspired by particular places and their memories, jogged by photos or reverie. Most significant area for me is The Black Mountains/Wye Valley area. It’s a place I feel at home, partly because we have a cottage/second home there and before that enjoyed many family holidays in the area. It’s the presence of that ridge – which to me, a Lab lover, looks like a Lab at rest. It’s peace sinks into you and the fresh air makes me delicously relaxed. But it’s also inspiring because of different things to do, the books in Hay (especailly the Poetry shop), the walking, horse riding, the welcoming people and great pubs.
    I also come from an area which I refer to as the ‘centre of the universe’ because no one esle calls it that! It is the product of wonderful imagination and delight which is a joy to live in – most of the time. Unfortunately, the dead hand of unprincipled expansion is ruining it for ever.

  2. Thanks for your comment Roger, I know what you mean about drawing inspiration from your local landscape, I get a similar feeling when I go ‘home’ to North Devon.

    Apologies if it wasn’t clear from the date stamp that the Ball of Whacks competition has closed – I’ve now edited the post to make this clear.