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And the Winner Is…

Today was the prize draw for the spare Ball of Whacks sent to me by its creator, Roger von Oech. The commenters’ names went in the hat this afternoon, and the name drawn out by the independent adjudicator was… Katie Konrath. Congratulations Katie, the Ball of Whacks will be winging its way to you very shortly.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experience of the physical world and creativity in the comments on my Ball of Whacks post. Judging from your comments and blogs/sites you’re all doing interesting creative things. Here are the links for others to check out, in order of commenting:

Ball of Whacks


Ms Blog KX


Katie Konrath


Carolyn Manning

Finally thanks to Roger von Oech for providing the inspirational Ball of Whacks.


  1. Thanks, Mark. The way I look at it, a link’s as good as a whack.

  2. My pleasure Caroline.

  3. Thanks Mark, I’m happy for both the link and the whack! 🙂 Coincidently, I was teaching someone about the Six Thinking Hats when you pulled my name out of your hat, so it must have been thinking karma!

  4. Hats off to thinking karma!