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The Interesting Suspects

Russell, Johnnie, Me, Deb

Here’s my contribution to the Interesting2007 presentations – lined up next to Russell and Johnnie as one of Deb Khan‘s little helpers. Deb did an excellent session – I won’t call it a ‘talk’ as she involved everyone in the audience, getting us to talk and listen to each other and then notice what we naturally find memorable. She’s blogged it as Why Do We Listen?, a subject near to every coach’s heart.

Elsewhere Andrew has blogged his great presentation on the theme what makes you useless also makes you good. There are also roundups of the day from fellow creative coach Emily, a ‘director’s cut’ version from Ben, and the heavyweight analysis from Grant. And here’s Charles on the moment we both realised Blogging is the New Tamagotchi.

Photo courtesy Mrs WT.