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Enneagram Series – The Head Types

The next post in my Introduction to the Enneagram series is up now on Successful Blog – The Head Types.

Enneagram Head Types

The series so far:

0. Introduction

1. What is the Enneagram and Why Should You Care?

2. The Heart Types

3. The Head Types

Thanks to Sandy Renshaw for the illustrations.


  1. Interesting – I need to find a dark corner and go and read up on all of this! I’ve used the Insights Personality Spectrum now for a few years. It’s great my clients love it and it sticks!


    I’ll be back!

  2. Hi Scott, thanks the IPS looks interesting. I’ve no doubt you are doing lots of things in the seminar that make the material ‘sticky’ for the participants – over and above that, what are the qualities of the IPS tool itself that you believe make it sticky?

    One thing I notice instantly is the strong visual image and colours in the IPS diagram, which will clearly add ‘stickiness’. I’ve noticed that the Enneagram diagram works well as a visual memory aid (once people get used to drawing it and get a feel for its structure).

    Will be really interested to hear your impressions of the Enneagram as someone working in this field.