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New Research on Investment in the Creative Industries from the Centre for Creative Business

The Centre for Creative Business has just released a new research paper on investment in the creative industries. Creative Business – Crafting the Value Narrative argues that:

Investors and creative businesses alike need to address an ‘analysis gap’ in the creative industries if they are to continue to evolve into the backbone of the new intangible asset economy.

Common prejudices about risk, volatility and resistance to methodical analysis have prevented investors from talking seriously to creative industries about money for growth, creative industries about money for growth, leading to a perceived ‘financing gap’.

In fact, creative businesses are no different to other businesses in that the tools of financial analysis apply equally well to creative firms.

If you’re wondering how to convince investors to finance your company, you should also have a look at Money Talks, an article by Centre for Creative Business Chief Executive Greg Orme, in which he reveals some of the tough questions you are likely to be asked – and the kind of answers the money men will want to hear.

When I interviewed Greg last year I found him very well informed about the micro-level details of running a creative business as well as the macro-level context of the creative industries, it’s well worth having a browse through the articles and courses available on the CCB site.