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5 Bloggers Who Make Me Think

Thinking bloggers
Lisa at Design Your Writing Life has tagged me with the Thinking Bloggers meme, so here goes with five bloggers who give me food for thought:

  1. Tim Sieddell at Bad Banana Blog provides me with a constant stream of thought provoking art. He also asks questions about art and advertising that make me think about them in new ways.
  2. Mark Forster at Get Everything Done makes me think hard about how I spend my time each day and gives good advice on how to free up more time for productive thinking.
  3. John Eaton at Reverse Therapy reminds me that the best thinking doesn’t happen in the head but in Bodymind.
  4. Deb Khan makes me think about creativity and people and what makes an impact.
  5. Brian Lee at Geniustypes makes me think about life, money, creativity and whether there are easier ways to make a living.

And Lisa has plenty of thought-provoking material herself – well worth checking out if you’re a writer.


  1. Mark, you are certainly in good company. Great to meet the people you admire.
    Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Lisa and for making me think about my choices.


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