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How Teenagers Think
Last night I had the pleasure of meeting jellyellie, who at 17 is already a best-selling author and in-demand public speaker and consultant. She’s been described by the Guardian as ‘The voice of the MSN generation’.

When she was 15 she wrote a book, How Teenagers Think – An Insider’s Guide to Living with a Teenager, which is an Amazon top 40 best-seller. It’s one of those ideas that seem obvious when you think about it – an explanation of the teenage mindset for troubled parents. But even if I’d thought of it when I was 15 (which I obviously didn’t) I would never have been together and articulate enough to actually write the book, get it published and promote it. One more example of ideas being nothing without execution.

From a quick glance through, it looks like an essential book for parents of teenagers, and an entertaining read for anyone with a sense of humour and an interest in different cultures.

Well done Ellie.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Mark. Lovely.

  2. My pleasure Charles.