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110+ Resources for Creative Minds at Skelliwag

110 Resources for Creative Minds
Hats off to Skelliewag for posting a great list of 110+ Resources for Creative Minds.

I’m slightly biased as she has kindly included my 10 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block, but I think it’s an excellent collection. It includes some of my favourite posts by such luminaries as Seth Godin on Real Creativity, Darren Rowse on How to Be a More Creative Blogger, Tim Ferriss on Doing the Impossible, Brian Clark on How to Write Remarkably Creative Content, Hugh MacLeod on How to Be Creative, Chris Pearson on How to Find Your Creative Zen, Ze Frank on his own creative process, John Maeda on the Laws of Simplicity. There’s also a superb Wiki of Creativity Techniques A to Z and plenty more links that are new to me, like the wonderful Moleskine Project.


  1. thats a good list. i have already been to http://www.timferriss.com and a couple of others.

  2. Thanks Perez, yes Tim’s stuff is great, I’m still waiting for my copy of his book, it’s not easy to get hold of in the UK.


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