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The Enneagram, Pitches, Personalities, Croissants

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and made yesterday’s Enneagram breakfast discussion such good fun. These events depend on interesting, engaging people turning up and joining in with lots of questions and comments – which was exactly what happened.

Topics we covered included the role of individual personalities (client and agency) in the pitching process; using the Enneagram to understand and influence people who are very different to ourselves; locating brands and organisations on the Enneagram; and how the Enneagram helps me choose my shirts.

Special thanks to Rebecca Caroe who suggested we do an event together and did an excellent job of facilitating the discussion. I think it says a lot about Rebecca that she suggested the event the first time we met and was then very proactive in making it happen in record time. It was great fun working with her and I’d definitely recommend the experience.

Hmm, that’s given me a taste for this kind of thing, I’ll let you know if/when we do another one. Drop me an e-mail if that’s of interest.


  1. I would love to have made this 🙁

  2. Would have been richer for your presence Charles. I understand the social media cafe went well on Wednesday. Bon voyage – I’m looking forward to your comments in Mandarin!