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Time Management for Creative People 7 – Review Your Commitments

Review your commitments is the penultimate post in my series on Time Management for Creative People on Business of Design Online.

To-do list

The final post will appear this coming Friday – when the whole series will be available as a free e-book.

EDIT: If you prefer watching video to reading, here’s a time management training interview in which I explain some of the key concepts from this series.

Would you like your team to be more creative and productive?

If your team could do with some help getting creative work done in the midst of the demands and distractions of the 21st-century workplace, ask me about running my popular time management training workshop Time Management for Creative People for your organisation.


  1. great stuff,

    i need time management help sometimes… i often spend to much time on 1 particular task…that’s a habit i’ll have to work on for the new year….

    Hypnosis might help too, i’ve got this squidoo page bookmarked, i find it beneficial…..what’s nice about hypnosis is that it helps you change your habits….without you really being aware of it

  2. Hi Melinda, yes hypnosis can be useful, I talked a bit about hypnotic triggers in my 3rd post in the series: http://www.businessofdesignonline.com/time-management-ring-fence/