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20,000 Thanks re My E-book on Time Management for Creative People

Busy Bee

Photo by Arlindo71

Well it’s been a busy month so far on Wishful Thinking and Business of Design Online – my e-book about Time Management for Creative People has been downloaded nearly 20,000 times and has attracted some great reviews and feedback.

A big thank you to everyone who has downloaded, forwarded, linked, commented or e-mailed to say they have found it useful. It’s been fantastic to see the book featured on some of my favourite blogs such as Copyblogger and Lifehacker, and Brian Wallace at Nowsourcing made the front page of Digg with his post about the e-book.

I’ve also enjoyed following the incoming links to new blogs and discovering people applying and adapting the ideas to their own situation. There’s not space to link to them all here, but have a look through the Technorati links pages for my post about the e-book and the ones on Business of Design Online.

If you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to download the e-book and share it with anyone who might find it useful.

EDIT: If you prefer watching video to reading, here’s a time management training interview in which I explain some of the key concepts from this series. (And the ebook has now been downloaded well over 100,000 times.)

Would you like your team to be more creative and productive?

If your team could do with some help getting creative work done in the midst of the demands and distractions of the 21st-century workplace, ask me about running my popular time management training workshop Time Management for Creative People for your organisation.


  1. RE: Time Management for Creative People

    Mark, excellent stuff. A lot in there i didn’t know or hadn’t thought of, and some things that reminded me of things i already knew but had forgotten through bad habits.

    Regarding poetry. I used to sometimes write funny poems about some of the products i had to create brand values for. Sounds a bit silly / crazy but this was one of many useful tools in my account planning creative tool box.

  2. Thanks Ed, I know what you mean about the bad habits, one reason for writing it all down was as a reminder to yourself.

    Re poems – sounds a nice way of working to me. Have you come across Paul Feldwick‘s work on poetry and advertising?

  3. Again, many congratulations Mark. It’s a fantastic achievement!

    Also, I prefer the new photograph you use in your right sidebar. Nice improvement.

  4. Thanks David, there’s a story behind the picture, I’ll tell it next year…

  5. Mark,

    It has indeed been a wonderful success online. As well as for me personally.

    Well, I’ve taken time off during the holidays but I’ll get right back on after.

    Again, thank you for such a wonderful resource.


  6. Thanks Cat.


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