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  1. Hi Mark,

    I’ve just noticed the phrase at the top of the page: Inspiration . . . I’m having trouble navigating the blog.

    I think this is what David Whyte, the corporate poet, would say. Do you know his work?

    Jo’s last blog post..Explaining web2.0 @work beautifully and simply

  2. I’m in from Chicagoland, via Feedburner in NewsFire. Keep ’em coming! Always look forward to your insights.

  3. Jo – good timing ! I’m in the middle of reviewing the navigation on this blog – what are you looking for specifically? And what navigation features would make it easier for you to find what you want? I’ve started by moving the Archive from the sidebar to a page of its own – does that help?

    I’ve heard of David Whyte but I’m not familiar with his work.

    Barry – good to see you again, thanks for the feedback. You were one of the first people to link to my post about 5 Reasons Why Enthusiasm Is Better than Confidence, which is now one of my most popular posts – thanks!

  4. Mark – I’m sure that post of yours has helped a ton of people. For me personally, that distinction was super insightful and was delivered from a perspective I’m not sure I would have ever considered. I appreciate your thinking tremendously.

  5. Thanks Barry, that’s really great to hear. By the way I hope you like the new commenting features.

  6. Mark

    I do like the notify me via email thing, but the CommentLuv is not immediately understanhdable. I also found it difficult originally to find where to click to post a comment. Just an FYI.