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The Full Feed Will Be with You Shortly

Chicks waiting for a good feed

Image by Nooij

If you read this blog via RSS you were probably surprised by the abrupt switch to partial feeds last week. I know I was. I’ve always published full feeds because most subscribers prefer them, so it took a bit of detective work to unravel the Mystery of the Incredible Shrinking Feed.

The problem was caused by upgrading to WordPress 2.3 last week – apparently it is now a ‘feature’ of WordPress that if you use a <!–more–> tag to just show the beginning of a long post on your home page, it cuts the feed off at that point. Which seems a bit odd to me. Now I don’t like to complain about the good folks at WordPress as they’re giving me a fantastic platform for free, so instead I’ll say thank you to Ronald Heft Jr for creating the Full Text Feed plugin to restore publisher choice in this matter.

I’ve installed the plugin and am hoping that’s the end of the matter. I can’t see the full feed in Google Reader yet, but apparently that’s because some RSS readers cache the feeds. Let’s put in a <!–more–> tag on this post and see if it works…

Hot diggety dawg! It works! At least in my reader. Sorry for the inconvenience, let me know if you have any problems getting the full feed.