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Would You Like to Write a Chapter for the Age of Conversation 2?

Age of Conversation
One of the big events in blogspace last year was the Age of Conversation book organised by Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan. It featured contributions on the theme of ‘conversation’ from over 100 marketers, writers, thinkers and creative innovators, including David Armano, Roger von Oech, Tony D. Clark, Richard Huntington, Mark Earls, Steve Roesler, Mike Sansome and Thomas Clifford. As well as being a great read, the book raised funds for Variety, the children’s charity. You can get a copy and learn more at the Age of Conversation blog.

And now Gavin and Drew are doing it all over again – and giving you the opportunity to write a chapter for the follow-up book. I’ll be writing one – if you want to join me and the other authors, visit Drew’s Marketing Minute for details of how to sign up.

Whether or not you write a chapter, you can help out by voting for the theme of this year’s book. The three options are:

  • Marketing Manifesto
  • Why Don’t People Get It?
  • My Marketing Tragedy (and what I learned)

Personally I’d love to write about ‘Why Don’t People Get It?’. I have lots to say about that, the (fun) challenge would be fitting it into 400 words. I can’t claim to be a marketer so am not so wild about the other options, but I’ll have a go if that’s what the people decide. Cast your vote on SurveyMonkey.


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