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Channel 4 Podcast – Why Blogging Is More Fun than Interrupting a Stranger with a Phone

New Media 4Cast

Social media enthusiast and all round good egg Antonio Gould recently interviewed me for one of Channel 4’s New Media 4Casts. I talk about the difference blogging has made to my own business, particularly in terms of making new friends and attracting new clients without having to interrupt them with a cold call. I also offer some suggestions on planning and writing a blog to promote your creative business.

The blogs I mention in the podcast are Copyblogger (excellent advice on writing blog posts), Gapingvoid (weird and wonderful uses of a blog – i.e. using rude cartoons to sell South African wine, Saville Row suits, Scottish feature films and Microsoft), and David Airey (great example of using a blog to growing your business as a creative freelancer).

If you’re considering starting a blog you should also have a good look at Problogger (start with his series on Blogging for Beginners) and read every single post on Skelliewag (there aren’t that many, but she’s achieved phenomenal success in a few short months – and tells you how she did it.).

The programme also features Emily Martin talking about how she makes a living as an artist from her beautiful Black Apple blog and Etsy shop – well worth checking these out if you want to use the internet to sell your artwork or other products.

Another contributor, Nick Booth, offers some excellent practical tips on podcasting and videocasting, and how letting go of copyright control can benefit you as a creative professional.

My bit starts at 7.50 but I recommend you listen to the whole thing, particularly if you’re relatively new to the whole social media/blogging scene. Antonio has done a terrific job of assembling the interviews to give an engaging overview of the possibilities for artists and other creative types.

As they say in all the best cheesy commercials – it worked for me, it could work for you too.

Bonus links: my pages on Blogging for Creative Professionals and why A Blog Is for Life, Not Just for Christmas.


  1. I enjoyed listening to that, Mark, and thanks for spelling my surname!

    You’re right, blogging can be a lot of fun. It’s hard work, as you point out, and not just for Christmas, but much more appealing than that cold call.

    Great interview.

    David Airey’s last blog post..70 of the best logo design resources

  2. Thanks for the mention Mark. I’ve borrowed your comment about blogging being “networking on steroids” on a couple of occasions!

    Nick Booth’s last blog post..by: Antonio Gould

  3. David – my pleasure! My name gets spelled wrong about 50% of the time so I always try to take care with other people’s.

    Nick – feel free to use it, it’s open source now. 🙂 I’ve added a link to your blog in the post – it was a bit difficult to catch the URL on the podcast.

  4. Strange that the 4casts New Media “podcast” which uses a big ol’ RSS symbol for its logo does not in fact offer an RSS feed, …and the podcast is only made available to listen online only. Bleurgh. You can however sign up for a newsletter. Bizarre!

  5. Hi John – it does look odd doesn’t it? There is a podcast feed but you have to ferret around a bit to find it. Here’s a direct link to the 4Cast RSS Feed. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks Mark. I have no idea where how you found that. It’s in none of the usual places.


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