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Eight Random Things About Me


Photo by ccarlstead

I’ve got something new to show you but it’s having teething technical problems so here’s a bit of Friday fun while we wait.

Sam has tagged me with the ‘Eight random things about me’ meme, so here goes…

1. I’m neither left-handed, right-handed nor ambidextrous. I can do some things left handed (writing, drawing) and some right handed (wield a sword or tennis racket, both badly) but I can’t swap over.

2. I’m half English, half Scottish and part Irish. Maybe that accounts for 1.

3. I’ve got married twice but never divorced. To the same person – once in England, once in Japan.

4. I speak conversational French, functional German, emergency Italian and novelty-value Japanese.

5. I have recently seen the light over Twitter. You can follow me here if you know what that means. If not, fear not – I’ll be blogging it properly soon.

6. I gave up reading novels after my English degree. Why read 300 pages when a decent poet will do the job in one?

7. According to a medium, I drowned on a 15th century warship. She was right about everything else, so why not that?

8. Once upon a time I nearly got to be a copywriter for Debenhams‘ lingerie department. Sometimes I wonder what I would have written.

Well, there it is.

Let’s see if Antonio, Beeker, Cat, John, John, Johnnie, Mark and Quentin want to play.


  1. Done it!

  2. Loved the speaking “emergency Italian” part, Mark. Somehow I think I know what that means ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you took up Twitter, although I found you through Brian at Copyblogger. I am told my ancient past was as a knight. Almost inclined to believe that, too.

  3. Hi Valeria, it’s a small world on the web. I think I first came across you via David Armano, great to meet you on Twitter, see you there soon…

    Quentin – good man.

  4. I try.

  5. I am certain you would have written the finest prose the “undies” world would have ever seen. But I think we are all grateful you ended up writing for us.

  6. Prose? It would have been pure poetry… ๐Ÿ™‚


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