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Lateral Action Launches Today

Right, it’s time to unveil the secret project I’ve been working on…  It’s a new website about creativity and productivity called Lateral Action, which I’m creating in partnership with Brian Clark and Tony D. Clark.

The site launches today with the first of three short animated films: Lou Needs a Clue.

As the name suggests, Lateral Action is about combining creative thinking with effective action.

It’s all very well thinking ‘outside the box’ but it doesn’t mean anything unless you make things happen as a result.

And as Lou is finding out, there’s no point being productive unless you are producing something original and valuable.

I’m delighted to be working with Brian and Tony on this project. To many of you they will need no introduction – Brian is the founding editor of the phenomenally successful Copyblogger, which is essential reading for anyone trying to make a living online.  Tony is a man of many talents, whose great cartoons and knowledge of creative business are on display at Success from the Nest.  I’ve learned an enormous amount from both of them, on their blogs and at Teaching Sells, the acclaimed online training programme they launched last year.

To see why I’m so pleased to be working with them, have a look at the launch video.  Brian has written a very sharp and funny script and Tony has performed what I can only describe as visual wizardry to bring it to life.

You’ll be hearing from me on Lateral Action shortly…  In the meanwhile enjoy the first video and  make sure you subscribe to the feed to receive future updates for free.


  1. I’ve subscribed to the feed. Good luck once again, Mark. Looking forward to those follow-up vids.

  2. yvonne ellis says:

    I would like to thank you for your excellllent e-book on creative time managemen, it is inspiring, practical and beautifullky put together – at last I have something that makes sense to me – particulalry the emotional triggers
    thank yuou

  3. Thanks Yvonne, glad you found it useful.