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Creative Momentum Workshops in London

This series of Creative Momentum workshops has now sold out. To be first to hear about future workshop dates, join my events mailing list.

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Boost Your Creativity — Accelerate Your Business — Meet Other Creatives

This summer I’ll be running a series of Creative Momentum workshops in London.

The workshops are for creative professionals of all kinds — artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who sees creativity as central to their work. (Yes, that means you.)

The first two workshops will help you inject some energy and impetus into your creative work — and sustain your momentum over the long run:

Workshop 1. How to Motivate Creative People (Including Yourself) — 8 July

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Motivate yourself to overcome obstacles and create amazing work – and a sustainable career. Click here for more details of the motivation training. (Photo by alexsey.const)

Workshop 2. Time Management for Creative People — 29 July

Time Management for Creative People

Manage the mundane — create the extraordinary. Essential skills to maximise your creativity and minimise your stress levels at work! Click here for more details of the time management training.

And click to watch a time management training video in which I explain some of the key concepts from the workshop.

The next two workshops will help you tell the world about your work, attracting admirers, collaborators and customers:

Workshop 3. Web Marketing for Creative People — 19 August

Use the web to build your reputation and attract customers and business opportunities. Click for more details of the internet marketing training. (Photo by joel_wh)

Workshop 4. Creative Presentation Skills — 9 September

Stage spotlights

Give presentations that express your creativity and wow your audience. Click for more details of the presentation skills training. (Photo by givepeasachance)

I’ve had a fantastic response to my recent workshops for creatives, which tells me I’m onto something with these topics. (Check out my testimonials page to read what people say about my training.)

And given the state of the economy, I want to provide some high-value support for creative freelancers and small businesses. So I’m deliberately pricing the workshops to be affordable to people on a limited budget.

I’m limiting the numbers to 25 for the first three workshops and 15 for the presentation skills workshop.

I’m pleased to have found a suitably atmospheric venue — the Cockpit Arts incubator in Holborn, a former warehouse that is now home to a community of creative entrepreneurs, running micro-enterprises based on their creative craft skills. Cockpit Arts is an amazing organisation and I’m delighted to be working with them to host these workshops.

N.B. I’m announcing the workshops here first – but the details will soon be going out to other mailing lists, so early booking is advised.

And if you want to be the first to know about future workshops, you can join my new workshop mailing list.

How Do the Workshops Work?

The workshops will teach you skills that are essential to your creative and commercial success.

I’ve taken each topic and boiled it down to the essential skills you need as a creative practitioner. And I’ll do my best to inject some artistry into the workshops themselves — my aim is to inspire you and for us all to have some fun while we’re at it!

Here’s how it will work:

1. Tell me what you want to learn
Once you’ve booked your place, I’ll e-mail you some questions about your current challenges and what you want to learn. Based on this feedback, I’ll tailor each workshop to address the challenges that are most relevant to the group.

2. Each workshop will feature:

  • Practical skills you can start to use immediately
  • Stories and real-life examples
  • Activities to help you apply the ideas to your own work
  • Questions and discussions — ask me what you want to learn!
  • Networking and learning from other interesting creative people

3. After each workshop
I’ll send you e-books, articles, links and other resources to help you digest the material and apply it to your work.

As well as the material I’ll be teaching, this will be a great opportunity for you to meet and share ideas with other creative professionals — people like you, following their dreams and doing fascinating creative work, and encountering the same challenges as you. So if you’re free after the workshop, maybe we could go for a drink and continue the networking in the pub (it counts as Professional Development, honest!).

Each workshop is designed to work either as a stand-alone event or as part of a series. None of them require prior knowledge from the others — but if you attend more than one, you’ll experience a cumulative benefit from putting the various skills together.

Where and When?

All four workshops will be held at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. Click here to download directions to Cockpit Arts.

The Cockpit building in Holborn is a converted warehouse and makes for an atmospheric venue. We will be joined by some of the Cockpit designer-makers, which should add to a very creative and eclectic mix of people.

The workshops will run on Wednesday evenings, 6.30 – 8.30. So there should be time for everyone to make it after work — and maybe stay for a drink and networking afterwards.


  1. Hey Mark,
    These sound great! I wish I were in London to join you for these. I suggest Paris for a series of them. I’m not there now but could perhaps help you set something up.
    Have fun with these!

  2. Thanks Cynthia. I love Paris, that sounds a great idea. E-mail on the way…

  3. Hi Mark,

    The programme looks great and I’m sure people will get a lot out of it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am working on the first three dates but will keep my eye on the site.

    Speak soon,


  4. Thanks Alec, I understand duty calls!


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