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If you like Wishful Thinking, you might be interested in some of my other projects — here’s a sample of my recent online activities.

Lateral Action

This is the site I co-create with Brian Clark and Tony Clark, about creativity, productivity and creative entrepreneurship.

Here are some of my recent articles:

Working All Day Is for Wimps

Are You Stubborn Enough to Succeed?

The Secret of Walt Disney’s Creativity

Does Commercial Success = Creative Sell-Out?

An Interview with Hugh MacLeod, Cartoonist

Is Everyone Creative?

Brian wrote a short sharp piece yesterday that’s essential reading for anyone with an ounce of ambition: Don’t Settle.

And if you publish any kind of content online, you need to read this piece by Raj Setty: 9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online.

There’s plenty more to come at Lateral Action — and you can have it delivered to you for free.

Interview about the Minutiae in My Life

Emma Alvarez Gibson featured me in a very unusual interview — about the minutiae in my life and work. I agree with her that little things can make a big difference, and learnt a few things about my creativity while answering the questions.

You should check out Emma’s other interviews too, they’re fascinating. And her new shop.


My poetry blog is ticking along slowly, which is the way I like it for now. I tend to write it on Sunday mornings and odd moments, and it makes a nice change from the kind of writing I do here and at Lateral Action.

I’ve also been working on the website of Magma Poetry — the magazine I help to edit and run. As well as an extensive archive of poems and articles, we’ve added a blog, newsletter and Facebook group. And the Magma Twitter account is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world …

So if you’re remotely interested in poetry do come on over, have browse and sign up for the blog and/or newsletter. Did I mention it’s a terrific magazine? Go on, treat yourself or the poetry lover in your life. 😉


Are you on Twitter yet? If so, you can follow me @markmcguinness.

Creative Momentum Workshops

Finally, ticket sales for my summer Creative Momentum Workshops are coming along nicely – the first one looks like it will sell out soon, and we’ve got a great mix of creative and interesting people coming. There’s still time to book your place.

And if you want to be first to know about my future workshops and secret project announcements, you can join the Wishful Thinking mailing list.


  1. Hi Mark, I noticed you mention your poetry teacher in the interview. Do you still actively take lessons? Any thoughts of focusing on it more than you are?

    I used to write a little back in school, but if I could find it, I’m sure it’d be drivel (hey, I just learned how to spell drivel — had to look it up).

    David Airey’s last blog post..Woolmark logo

  2. No lessons this year, my teacher’s been on a well-earned sabbatical.

    Right now I’m focusing mostly on other kinds of writing, but I have big plans for the poetry side of things in future…