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Free E-book – ‘Defiant! Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times’

Cover of Defiant e-book

If you’re feeling daunted by the challenges of the recession – or if you could simply do with some inspirational and practical advice, then I suggest you download Defiant: Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times.

It’s a new e-book from Rajesh Setty, successful entrepreneur, respected author, columnist for Lateral Action – and a thoroughly nice guy who I’m pleased to call my friend.

A few months ago Raj asked me to contribute a practical tip or two for people under pressure due to the recession. I was happy to do so, and am delighted to find myself a co-contributor alongside stellar talents such as Seth Godin, Liz Strauss and Phil Gerbyshak.

As well as the ‘guest tips’ Raj has packed the e-book full of advice based on his experience of surviving and thriving through several recessions.

The e-book is completely FREE – you don’t even need to give your e-mail address. So once you’ve grabbed your copy and please help to help others by forwarding it to your friends and contacts.

Thanks Raj!


  1. This was a fun project to be part of! Thanks for sharing your smarts Mark! Your meaningful contribution makes a HUGE difference!

  2. Agreed, working with Raj is always fun. Thanks for dropping by Phil.

  3. Phil, Mark:

    Thanks a ton for both of you for contributing to the book. It made the book special for me.


  4. Mark, I absolutely love what you do ! You have given me some insights about myself with your ebook “how to motivate creative people” – and I find it absolutely amazing that you give all this away for free. I will read everything you have to say 😉 it´s very clear that it´s important to you to motivate creative people and that you do it because you love it, and because you really want people to create and “make it work”… it´s very heart-warming and motivating. Your words alone get me through tough times and make me look ahead and focus on my art. A big fat heartfelt thank you ! It matters SOOOO much.

    I think many people who are simply too shy or lazy to comment and compliment you (as I have been for months now) think the same way. Thank you.

  5. Konkokto – thanks! Your words mean a lot, it’s great to hear you’ve got so much out of my writing.

    And I thoroughly recommend Raj’s ‘Defiant’ e-book – if you enjoyed my motivation one, this should be right up your street.