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Video Interview: Mark McGuinness Talks to Philip Patston

cm 27 Mark McGuiness Interview from Creative Momentum on Vimeo.

I recently recorded this video interview with Philip Patston, an entrepreneur, consultant and comedian from New Zealand.

Philip did a great job of drawing out my thoughts, and we covered a lot of ground in the 30-minute conversation. Here’s Philip’s summary:

we caught up with Mark via Skype and canvassed a vast array of subjects from secret societies, fads, Michelangelo and brands, to Van Gogh, freezers and poetry! And beware – Mark advises against being too unique.

Philip has compiled a rich collection of creativity resources on Creative Momentum, including video interviews with other creative people including Sir Ken Robinson.

Twitter users – you can also connect with Philip on Twitter.

Thanks Philip!


  1. you’re great!..congratulation!

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it!

  3. I did it and read your great book “Time management for creative people”
    Not only because its interesting and easy piece of work, but –most importantly- because I need such lifting up writings. I feel I am wasting my time and accomplishing nothing. I have no “clear” dream for the future, and I don’t even have a start to start my search. I work so much and that leaves less time for myself.This book helped me to re-think about my life.
    Yes, I do check my email a lot. I am not organized when it comes to my to-do list. I don’t know a way for inspiration yet. I wake up very late. I don’t have a healthy routine. I don’t have a comfort zone. Gosh! Everything is done at anytime, with all the interrupts and distraction you can ever think of. My mobile, emails, music, people shouting, IM’s, TV.. etc. by God’s sack, I never prioritize and I never tried to be on top of anything to love it!..

    This book is a good start I believe, for anyone wishing to know about simple techniques on the run. Not sure if it would work with me , but I do believe it got something to say, something to point out and something to alert us that there is something going wrong.

    Thank you.

  4. I really enjoyed it.
    Lots of things to say about creativity, indeed.
    We are all windows and we can open them to new keys to creativity, towards a never ending flow of it.

    Thank you

  5. Randa – Great to hear the time management e-book was so helpful, thanks for letting me know.

    Luisa – Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Hello Mark…Your recent seminar at Portsmouth University inspired me to continue to blog, or blag in my case, so I’ll be viewing your virtual world when I can… http://artswain.com/blog/ …this is my new WordPress blog…a little controversial perhaps…I’m just trying to find my way…Many thanks again, Graham

  7. Hi Graham, glad the session inspired you! A good question in your blog post – and you can expect some sharp responses when you frame it like that!