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Guest Articles for The 99% and MyCake

I’ve recently written a couple of guest articles on other blogs that you might enjoy.

RSS Creativity – Routines, Systems, Spontaneity

Venn diagram: Routines, Systems, Spontaneity

A summary of my recent thinking about how to manage creative workflow without stifling your inspiration.

The 99% is an online magazine for creative professsionals – if you like Wishful Thinking you should feel very much at home. The 99% is produced by Behance, the company behind the Behance Network – a great place for creatives to network and showcase their work. (Here’s my Behance profile if you want to connect over there.)

Four Questions You Must Ask Before Starting Any Creative Project

4 Leafed Clover

Image by kaibara

A look at the different types of motivation – financial and otherwise – creative people have for taking on a new project. Clarifying your motivations and checking others’ expectations before you start a project can save you an awful lot of misery later on.

The MyCake blog is full of financial advice tailored to the needs of creative professionals. Sarah Thelwall and her team understand that book-keeping is probably not your favourite activity, and offer tools and guidance for sugaring the pill of updating your accounts and managing your finances.