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The War of Art – Conversations with Steven Pressfield

Steven PressfieldIf you only read one book about creativity, I tell my clients, make it The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

It contains the distilled wisdom of a bestselling novelist and Hollywood screenwriter, who has both the scars and trophies of a life spent wrestling with creative challenges.

This book has been an inspiration to me for years, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Steven and record an interview with him for Lateral Action. In the course of an hour, we covered a range of topics relating to creativity, work, entrepreneurship and life in general, including:

  • Why is it so hard to pursue our dreams, and get started on the creative challenges that mean so much to us?
  • How can we overcome our inner Resistance to doing the things that matter?
  • What rewards can we expect from persevering in the face of difficulties?
  • What are the creative opportunities — and pitfalls — of social media and digital publishing?

As you’d expect from an accomplished novelist, Steve is a great raconteur; I was spellbound in his company and I think you will be too.

You can listen to the interview with Steven Pressfield over at Lateral Action.

Make sure you check out Steve’s website, StevenPressfield.com, which should be very appealing to Wishful Thinking readers.

Finally, ‘conversations’ plural wasn’t a typo in the title — Steve has very graciously returned the favour by interviewing me about creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship. It’s a slightly surreal experience being interviewed by one of your heroes, but Steve asked me some very stimulating questions that made me think about things from a fresh angle, and I hope you’ll find the interview of interest.

Many thanks to Steve for his generosity and inspiration.


  1. Mark,
    Thanks for this review, interview and summary!
    The War of Art is essential reading, written by someone who was, and is “in the trenches” of that War – wounds and all. The seemingly pervasive mantra of claimed leaders of “fail your way to success” doesn’t resonate here, only the hard won truth. Action is the New Competence, and as to “Dare to Fail? – BALONEY” (see http://wp.me/pVUDj-4w ) !

  2. There are many barriers to creativity – some external and beyond our control, but most are internal which we have a great chance of breaking. This article has really got me interested in the book. I will make that I have it listed somewhere so I can remember when it’s time to buy a new book for my regular reading. Thanks for sharing. 😉