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If you’d like to inject some inspiration and momentum into your creative career, feel free to enrol on my new course: The Creative Pathfinder.

It’s a 25-week programme designed to equip you with the creative and professional skills you need to succeed in your chosen career path – whether you’re an employee, freelancer or creative entrepreneur.

Things you’ll learn include:

  • why following your heart makes sound business sense
  • the four most powerful types of creative thinking
  • how to handle a creative block – when you’re supposed to be the creative pro
  • why opportunities just land in some people’s lap (and how you can be one of them)
  • the most effective ways to make a living from your creativity
  • why having a resume could handicap your career
  • how to turn your website into a magnet for new business and career opportunities
  • the weird and profitable properties of intellectual property
  • how to sell without selling out
  • what to do with all the money you earn
  • why other people seem so weird – and what to do about it
  • how to succeed in the face of overwhelming odds

Every week, you’ll receive a new lesson via e-mail, containing:

  • An article explaining the what, why and how of the topic
  • A practical worksheet for you to download and complete
  • Links to additional resources (articles, books, e-books etc — most of which are free)

And it won’t cost you a penny. Sign-up on the enrolment page and you will receive the entire course of 25 lessons for free.

Since I launched The Creative Pathfinder on Lateral Action last week, over 1,200 students have signed up. It would be great if you could join us on the journey


  1. Looking forward to the course…

  2. Welcome aboard Kristy!

  3. I signed up and I’m really looking forward to reading through all the information you’ve created.

  4. Hi!

    Thank you for this free program. Waiting for your treasure e-mails

  5. This is a great thing you are offering and a great service. I will recommend this to those in my network. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. My pleasure guys, glad you like it.

  7. Can I join or is it late already? Thanks)

  8. Yes, you’re very welcome – there’s no deadline on this course. 🙂

  9. Mark – this is fantastic. Thanks a lot! I’m going to sign up right now and see what it’s like!

  10. Welcome Steven, hope you like it!

  11. I’m going to sign up for this – I can’t believe that you are offering this information for free…that is highly unusual, but then again, most creative people like artists and writers are short on cash.

    My biggest problem is that I cannot concentrate on my creative work to get it up and running because I need to work in other jobs. Yes, these pay the bills, but they also suck away all my time and energy from what I want to be doing. Have you any solution to this problem? Or any advice. Short-term working in (usually badly paid) jobs at least feeds me and pays the rent, but long-term they are destroying my creative career and mean it takes me longer and longer to get it off the ground.

    I know that if I simply had both time and financial backing I could forge ahead, but I either have time and no money, or money and no time. Horrible catch-22 for any creative person.

    In any case, I am looking forward to reading your lessons particularly the part about following your heart makes good business sense!

  12. I can’t believe that you are offering this information for free…that is highly unusual

    Well, Lateral Action is all about doing things differently, so I try to practise what I preach. 😉

    I either have time and no money, or money and no time. Horrible catch-22 for any creative person.

    Ah yes, the eternal dilemma for creative types! 🙂 Have a look at this piece I wrote on Lateral Action: Are You Trapped in the ‘Creativity v Cash’ Dilemma?

  13. Hi Mark;

    I am very excited, I believe sharing is success and u r doing wonderful job.

    I am looking forward to ur emails abt ur creative ways!


  14. Hi Mark,
    I am an executive coach, who gets great results. Within the current financial climate, a good deal of my work with individual clients, is about helping them to “step up”. If I am asking them to do this, I want to do it also. Do you think your course would assist? I have this real feeling that becoming more creative in how I assist people to approach issues, internal as well as external, will give us all the leading edge. What do you think? Thanks. Jan

    • Hi Jan, yes, the course is certainly designed to help you do that! So if you haven’t already, give it a go and let me know how you get on.

      Sorry for the delay, your comment got snagged in the spam filter.

  15. Thanks Mark, will do.


  16. Reza Ghatok says:

    I look forward to hearing from you