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Free Ebook: 20 Creative Blocks (and How to Break Through Them)

Ebook cover: 20 Creative BlocksCreative blocks are among the most frustrating obstacles encountered by creative people.

Our creativity is so tied up with our sense of fulfilment and identity that we are just not ourselves when we are unable to create.

And if we rely on our creative work to pay the bills, this only adds to the frustration – and the pressure to find a solution.

This is why, over on my Lateral Action blog, I invited my readers to tell me about their creative blocks – and I wrote a series of articles offering solutions to help them. Marelisa Fábrega helped me out by writing an article which is included in the ebook.

I’ve now collected the entire series into an ebook: 20 Creative Blocks (and How to Break Through Them) which you can download for free here.

Creative blocks covered in the ebook include:

  • procrastination
  • creativity v cash
  • lack of time
  • fear of getting it wrong
  • disorganisation
  • kids
  • information overload
  • taboo
  • sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

The ebook is published under a Creative Commons licence, which means you are welcome to copy and share it as long as you keep it intact in its original form, credit me as author and don’t exploit it commercially.

I hope you find it useful in tackling your own creative challenges – get your copy here and please pass it on to anyone who you think may find it helpful.



  1. Hi Mark! I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m thrilled that anyone would create something to help ‘creative entrepreneurs’ like myself and my people.

    The world is filled with people with tons of talent in their baby finger, but so many blocks to delivering it 🙂

    I’m off to go read it.

  2. Okay, I breezed through. Brilliant stuff man! I love that you hit on two hot topics for creatives Cash-Management and Time-Management.

    There was a lot of talk about ‘compromise’, creativity can`t always be fun, most people can`t do what they love, etc. – which strongly runs counter to my experience.

    I think the reason this comes up so often for creative people is `cause they have a secret fear.

    “I want to be creative, have fun, and do what I love, but I secretly fear that doing so will bring my embarrassment + death.” (They fear being poor or judged.)

    Well everybody gets judged and everybody dies, so you might as well aim for a fun, creative life, however long or short it is. It’s possible, there are role models to follow. Do it 🙂

    At least, that’s how I feel 😉