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How to Write a Blog that Actually Brings in Business

Mark McGuinness speaking at FreshBusinessThinkingLIVE!

Photo by AAB Engage

How do you write a successful blog?

Can blogging really bring in business, and if so, how?

What should you write about to attract potential customers?

These are some of the questions I addressed earlier this week when I spoke about business blogging at Fresh Business Thinking LIVE! (as you can see from this rare aerial photo of me presenting).

As usual when I speak to an audience, I created a written version of the presentation for the audience – and you can download it here.

Read it to learn:

  • Why nobody reads most blogs
  • How a blog can bring you new business – even if your customers don’t read blogs
  • The critical element most business blogs are missing
  • How a blog can establish you as an authority in your industry
  • How to attract new readers – and keep them coming back
  • Deepening the relationship with your audience – from readers to customers
  • Using blogging to complement other forms of social media

Feel free to share the document with anyone who could do with a little help creating a popular and effective business blog.


  1. Chris Lovie-Tyler says:

    Thanks for this, Mark. I’m preparing to launch a blog for my freelance writing business, so it’s a timely read!

  2. Chris Lovie-Tyler says:

    Thanks, Mark!

  3. Excellent material! The pdf is very much worth downloading and reading.
    Too bad I couldn’t participate in the seminar.
    Is there a video recording of it available?

  4. Tyler and Ariana says:

    Mark, We stumbled upon your blog right before starting our first blog post this past week and your post was incredibly useful! Thanks for sharing your expertise.