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Video: Time Management for Creative People

Here’s a time management training video I recorded at the Royal College of Art (just before I gave a talk to the students) in which I explain how time management can help you become more creative.

Now, many creative people resist the idea of time management, because they like doing things their own way, and because they (rightly) think creativity isn’t something you can fit into a neat system.

But if you take this attitude too far – especially in our hyper-connected world of digital communications – you can end up feeling stressed because of losing track of important commitments and falling behind on them. You can end up in a state of constant anxiety, wondering whether you have forgotten something critical. Which isn’t exactly conducive to creativity!

In these circumstances, a little time management training can go a long way to reclaiming your piece of mind – giving you the time and mental space to focus on your big creative challenges.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Why time management matters to creative people (even if they don’t like to admit it!)
  • How to manage a portfolio creative career, juggling multiple projects at at time
  • Why I use a post-it note for my daily to-do list
  • How to avoid constantly checking email on your phone (without relying on willpower)
  • How to prioritize between exciting new ideas, deadlines and things that pay the bills
  • Where time management shades into big picture career decisions

The lighting wasn’t ideal, so I’m looking a little more sepulchral than usual, but I hope you find the ideas useful.

Time Management Training for Creative People

My course on Time Management for Creative People – based on my ebook of the same name, downloaded over 100,000 times – is one of my most popular workshops. Click here to learn about booking a workshop to help the people in your organisation become more creative and productive.

Thanks to the team at FuelRCA for inviting me to speak – they are doing a great job of providing CPD tailored to the needs of the arts and design students at the college. And they have a cool blog, click here for their notes on my talk.


  1. Good for you for recording this video, Mark. Great idea to continue to offer useful information/thoughts around this topic that’s always timely.

    Couldn’t resist the pun!

    I don’t like discipline either. I prefer ‘devotion’. And I don’t use my iPhone much either!

  2. “Good poets have a weakness for bad puns.” W.H. Auden ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mmm, devotion sounds much more attractive than discipline…

  3. Good stuff, Mark. Especially identifying what part of the day is best for what type of work. Great tip.

  4. Thanks. Yes, if you work on the right things at the right time of day you get a lot more done (with a lot less effort) than trying to work on something that’s not in sync with how you feel.

  5. Great tips, Mark. Specially the “post it” technique ๐Ÿ™‚ helps to focus on a small list of things Done rather than a large list of an uncompleted tasks.
    By the way, I’ve tried to use the “like” facebook button but it didn’t work. Don’t know if it’s my browser fault.

  6. Jeannie Chapman says:

    Thanks, Mark. I really enjoyed your video. Loved what you said about discipline (…don’t believe in it, make good habits instead)! I appreciate your perspective as a creative person, using time management to free you up for creativity and honoring your own rhythms by working at the best time for you.
    I’m also a sticky fan. In addition to my daily list, they’re great to take with you shopping, etc. When you’re done, it feels good to throw it away.
    Thanks also for the many ebooks you’ve made available. I will be downloading…

  7. One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as
    an adventure.


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